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Welcome to Grottamare Hotel

The Hotel Grottamare, managed since the 50’s by the Pasqual family, is located in a quiet place directly on the pedestrian walkway, only a few steps from the beach.

Our very appreciated cusine offers a variety of  dishes accompained by a rich vegetables buffet.

A private beach is available for free for our customers, who can enjoy the entertainment provided...

Book a stay of 7 days between 8 and 15 september at a price of 300.00 euros per person with half board. The...

Events in Jesolo

  • Walking to the sea in 2014
    Walks begin Friday, October 3, 2014 until Friday, 29 May 2015 The initiative is open to members of the Day Centre S. Pertini and is held on Monday and Friday from 15 to 16 gathering in front of the Hotel Almar.
  • Real Bodies
    In a world premiere at tropicarium Park in Jesolo new exhibition on the human body, suitable for all the family to understand how we are made inside our bodies. The exhibition will be inaugurated on December 26 in front of the Pala Arrex.
    Alessandro Cecchi Paone will be the ambassador for the largest exhibition of plastinated bodies and organs ever assembled in the world that will shine in Jesolo even in winter.
    On October 15, 2014 will be presented on the website for all the information opening, advance tickets, details and general information:
  • Opening theater season Towards New Seasons 2014-2015
    On November 14, will open the new theater season TO NEW SEASONS 2014-2015.

    Subscriptions at the City Library of Jesolo from Monday to Friday 9.00 - 13.00 on Tuesday and Thursday 15:00 to 17:30 and in the following periods:
    - RENEWALS for October 13 to 21
    - CHANGES for October 22 to 24
    - For NEW from October 27 to November 7
  • Vivaldi in music
    Until March 27, 2015 will be held at the Teatro Vivaldi Vivaldi in the first edition of Music.

    Appointment February 2 with Mony TivonY Collective.
    On 13 February 2015 the Quartet Maffei.
    On 27 March 2015 the Venice Baroque Ensemble.
    Special event March 2 with Moni Tivony Collective.
  • Volley Jesolo
    All matches of the women's volleyball team in the city of Jesolo "Union Volleyball ASD" are held at the indoor stadium "E.Cornaro".
    Union V. Jesolo - Mont. Brusati-brescia January 18 17:00 From 16:00 To 19:30
    Union V. Jesolo - Udine February 8 17:00 From 16:00 To 19:30
    Union V. Jesolo - Bassano-vicenza February 22 17:00 From 16:00 To 19:30
    Union V. Jesolo - Verona March 8 17:00 From 16:00 To 19:30
    Union V. Jesolo - Brescia March 22 17:00 From 16:00 To 19:30
    Union V Jesolo - Trento April 12 17:00 From 16:00 To 19:30
    Union V. Jesolo - Padova April 26 17:00 From 16:00 To 19:30
    Union V. Jesolo - Modena May 9 18:00 17:00 To20.00
  • Painting Courses
    The Cultural Association "Blue Lagoon" Painting Courses for children and adults.
    The course "I learn to draw and paint" is aimed at children aged 7 years and starts from Thursday, February 5 , 2015. Classes are held once a week on the following days :
    - Thursday from 17.15 to 19.15 , or
    - Friday from 17 to 19 .
    for a period of three months.
    The Course of drawing and painting course are aimed at an adult audience with the participation of the teachers of the Academy Marusso San Dona di Piave .
    Classes are held once a week on the following days :

    Information and contacts
    Info: Cultural Association Blue Lagoon
    tel . 335 8310598 ( Francesca )
  • A Toea Co i Artisti 2015
    Friday, February 6 to 20
    Love notes
    Giovanna Digito and Teatro dei Pazzi
    Farm Ancient Walls

    Friday, February 20 to 20
    A zercar luck Group
    Theatrical Out of Quinta
    Cutting Farm King

    Friday, March 6 to 20
    Flan Comedy Tour
    Comedy duo flan
    Farmhouse La Barena

    Friday, March 13 to 20
    Revolution by John Giusto
    Farm Cavetta

    Thursday, March 26 to 21
    the Baule
    company Proscenium
    Teatro Vivaldi
  • National Championship Volleyball female Jesolo
    At the start of the National Championship Volleyball female B1 of the city of Jesolo "Union Volleyball ASD" at the indoor stadium "E.Cornaro".
    The next scheduled matches:
    Sunday, February 8 UNION V. JESOLO - UDINE
    Sunday, February 22 UNION V. JESOLO - BASSANO-VICENZA
    Sunday, March 8 UNION V. JESOLO - VERONA
    Dpmenica March 22 UNION V. JESOLO - BRESCIA
    Sunday, April 12 UNION V JESOLO - Trento
    Sunday, April 26 - UNION V. JESOLO - PADUA
    Sunday, May 9 UNION V. JESOLO - MODENA
  • Fragile XXL, Pantakin Circo Teatro in Jesolo
    The distraught characters of Pantakin Circus Theatre, a unique show designed around the cardboard boxes, do not utter the word but, as in the silent film, acting with the live musical accompaniment. Al Teatro Vivaldi in Jesolo March 4 you enter an imaginary world, which naturally goes from reality to fantas, where the normal delivery of a package or a lunch break become a pretext for a surreal game. Acrobats, boxes and musical notes, directed by Ted Keijser.
  • Carnival 2015
    Sunday, March 8: traditional parade of floats from 14.15. The parade is open from Majorettes and Blue Wave Magic Stars followed by masked groups and floats. From Piazza Aurora, along Via Bafile, floats and masks reach Piazza Marconi. In Piazza Mazzini, the jury will give their vote for the final stage of groups and floats, which will be held in Piazza Marconi around 17:30, in the presence of the authorities. Immediately after there will be the extraction of the lottery prize with a car.
  • Great Women in the Great War
    Sunday, March 8 at 17.30 the Public Library of Jesolo celebrates the day of the woman with an initiative to give voice to women who took part in the making of history, an afternoon of readings by the readers of the Library volunteers.
    For women the trauma of war has certainly meant grief, suffering and maternal anxiety, but paradoxically the remoteness of the men has enabled many women to show their talent, their organizational skills, their will, their own ideas. And often, even on tiptoe, trying to be quiet and not disturb, we see them in the front row, to drive not only families orphan of a leader in driving the house and fields, but also businesses, offices, one discovers tram driver, railway worker, postman, employed by the bank, nurses, workers, but then after the war to be sent home to return to the ranks, in family roles, tasks in procreative and maternal.

    Join the choir Vox Feminae Passarella

    For information:
    U.O. Servizi culturali
    Biblioteca Civica
    Tel +39 0421 359143
    Fax +39 0421 359338
    E-mail serviziculturali@jesolo.it
  • Feast of youth 2015 in Jesolo
    The Festival of Youth for kids aged 10 to 14 years, the event SYM Triveneto.
    Music, games, entertainment, exhibitions, stands, testimonies, animation are the basic ingredients of the two events taking place at PalaArrex.
    This year the Stand of the Youth Festival are articulated in a location where there will be eight exhibitions, or rather 8 facets of the intense life of Don Bosco: the dream of the pergola of roses that we like for our holy and for all c ' is a journey of conversion made of hard work and joy that has as its ultimate goal the Paradise summarized in this article.
    The scope of the event: 10 000 participants, 400 animators involved, over 200 "budding artists" workshops led by a dozen professional artists, 40 technicians involved, about 50 stands in the Youth Festival, 120 games at the beach on the Feast of the Boys.
    The exhibitions and some stands will remain staged throughout the week March 1 to 8 at the foyer of the Pala Arrex.

    For information
    Office of Youth Ministry Triveneto
    Via the Salesians, 15 - 30174 Mestre (VE)
    tel. 041 5498 310 from 8.30 to 12.45 and from 14 to 16
    cell. 347 604 4414 - 348.6877632
    fax. 041 5498339
    e-mail: eventijesolo@donboscoland.it
    Site: www.donboscoland.it/eventijesolo/
  • Ale e Franz in Lavori in corso show in Jesolo
    The play written by Ale e Franz and Antonio De Santi is confirmation of their suggestive humor, a recital in which alternate with the most significant moments in their careers to new insights of their artistic relationship. The comedy of Ale and Franz collects itself ' the ancient heritage of the great pairs of Italian comic story that joke after joke , always intelligent, never banal or trivial, manages every time to achieve the goal: to make the audience laugh in trapping a rush of breath that flows into pure nonsense.
  • Spring walking with horses along the beach of Jesolo
    Sunday, March 22, 2015 is the turn of the 18th Rally Equestrian, a Spring walking with their horses along the beach of Jesolo.
    h. 9.00 : Gathering in via White Swan (green area near the restaurant White Swan )
    h. 10.00 : Access all'arenile area p.zza Rivoalto
    Journey dell'arenile to Faro
    h. 12.00: is scheduled Return
    h. 14.00: Arrival and break away in White Swan for final banquet.

    For information contact cell . 347 9017200
  • The orchestra of Teatro La Fenice in Jesolo
    A large orchestra plays " The symphonies of Mozart " Sunday, March 22 at 17.00.
    The Auditorium Vivaldi is filled with notes of the musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , performed by the Orchestra of the Teatro La Fenice, training that arises among the most interesting of the Italian scene and plays regularly tour in Italy and abroad, earning enthusiastic consensus public and critics.
    Concert master: Roberto Baraldi
    Admission is free with regulated access to tickets to be collected from the office of the City of Jesolo URP (maximum of two tickets per person ), 16 to 20 March 2015, from 8.30 to 13.30, subject to availability.
    Any remaining tickets will be distributed at the ticket office of the theater - auditorium on the day of the concert starting at 16:00.
  • Baroque virtuosity for Vivaldi in Jesolo
    At 21:00 on 27 February, the Venice Baroque Ensemble will close the festival with a program virtuoso, celebrating the 20 years of career training Venetian.
  • The Imaginary Invalid with Joel Dix at Teatro Vivaldi Jesolo
    In the role of the patient confined in a sort of limbo scented ointments and medicines, the director Ruth Shammah chose Joel Dix, an actor can interpret with intelligence and humor, fear and loneliness of our time. Beside him Anna Della Rosa, in the shoes of Tonina able to love the master according to his moods and suffer the invective: everyday between imagination and neurosis.
  • Jesolo International Choir Festival
    Voices from the Lido combines the advantages of the international choral competition with exceptional ability. This happens in Jesolo during the International Choir Fetival, the international choral competition that includes 10 categories with different levels of difficulty and genres.
    The focus of this event is the song of the international choirs.
  • CronoPiave 2015
    Il primo World Vespa Rally farà tappa a Jesolo il 18 -19 Aprile 2015 per la Crono Piave
  • Carmen Consoli Live a Jesolo
    The wait is over: far from customs Carmen Consoli back after 5 years since her last album "Elettra" with the new single "L’abitudine di tornare", on the radio and available in all digital stores .
    The new tour will be in stadiums and will cross the whole of Italy, with a stop in Jesolo April 22 at the Pala Arrex .
  • Concours Mondial 2015: Wine tasting in Jesolo
    A competition devoted entirely to wine and tasting, the Concours Mondial 2015, will be held in Jesolo 1 to 3 May.
    Created in 1994, the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles has quickly emerged as one of the top leagues in the world of wine and tasting. 8,000 wines competing from all over the world for more than 500 million bottles marketed.
    The jury of the Concours Mondial, composed exclusively of professionals, brings together, every year, the largest international experts.
    More than 40 nationalities are represented in the jury: a diversity that contributes to the uniqueness of the event.
    At the end of the competition, only those wines that have obtained the best score will be able to aspire to the prestigious medals. Since 2004, the organizers work with a team of researchers from the Institute of Statistics of the Catholic University of Leuven with the goal of making the results of the Concours Mondial more just, accurate and relevant as possible.

    Info: http://concoursmondial.com/
  • Giro d'Italia 2015 in Jesolo
    On May 21, 2015 in Jesolo will be the arrival of the twelfth stage of the Tour of Italy in 2015.
  • Moonlight Half Marathon 2015
    Registration is now open for the fifth edition of the Moonlight Half Marathon to be held Saturday, May 23, 2015 at 20:00 a half marathon international measured and certified, included in the calendar FIDAL.
    E 'can also subscribe to 10km non-competitive, the MHM10KM, a non-competitive race open to all on the last kilometers of the route of the Moonlight Half Marathon starting at 19:15.

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