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Welcome to Grottamare Hotel

The Hotel Grottamare, managed since the 50’s by the Pasqual family, is located in a quiet place directly on the pedestrian walkway, only a few steps from the beach.

Our very appreciated cusine offers a variety of  dishes accompained by a rich vegetables buffet.

A private beach is available for free for our customers, who can enjoy the entertainment provided...

Book a stay of 7 days between 8 and 15 september at a price of 300.00 euros per person with half board. The...

Events in Jesolo

  • Weekly market in Jesolo
    Colourful, lively and traditional market every friday morning in Jesolo old town with clothing and typical taste products
  • Agricultural Market of the Old Town
    Every Monday from 7.30 to 13.00 in Piazza della Repubblica in Jesolo the Agricultural Market of the Old Town where you can find fresh fruits and vegetables (in this period: mushrooms, pumpkins, pomegranates, quince), cheese and dairy products milk, meats and sausages, fresh meat, indoor and outdoor plants.13 companies are participating in the market including 3 that produce honey and mushrooms.All products come from an area which does not exceed 100 km from the town of Jesolo.
  • Passarella Summer 2014
    Culture and traditions are the themes in the Summer Passarella will continue throughout the summer offering theatrical shows, football tournaments and football, the "Fair in agricultural occupations and craft", performed with threshing machines and methods of the last century, exposure of agricultural tractors, games and entertainment for children and more.

    Saturday, July 26 - Final night the Grest children
    20.30: The community is found in the streets to participate in the show that children are at the end of the month of activities organized and managed by the animators of the parish of Passarella
    Saturday, August 2nd - Theatre farmyard
    at 21: Locations in Canalcalmo, the company Dino Colla e Figli, the Association Types theater presents The early Venetians on the moon
    Sunday, August 17 - Feast of Our Lady of the Assumption - Festival of Sport
    15.30: Re-enactment of the popular traditions with football bachelors and married men and zioghi and gare de n'altro time
    Sunday, September 28 - Tournament of amateur football to seven
    at 9: Tournament begins; follow the social lunch with the players and families, the finals of the tournament, the prize-giving
    Saturday, November 8 - table football tournament
    18.30: Wine tasting
    at 19: Inscriptions
    at 20: Tournament begins and follow the awards
    Participation in the event is free of charge
  • Archaeological Site of Ancient Walls
    From 22 September to 20 October 2014 at the archaeological site of Ancient Walls are held free guided tours by the University Ca 'Foscari University of Venice - Department of Humanities, who is following the excavation.
    Guided tours for locals and tourists
    - Where we come from: the history of the site Equilo with explanation of the excavations of the three churches and how the environment was developed during the Middle Ages
    - Works as an archaeologist? Visit the archaeological site of the ancient
    Also Monday, September 22 at 18 Gelli at the hall of the Public Library was inaugurated with the exhibition panels illustrating the design of the Archaeological Park of the Upper Adriatic - Parsjad, which also includes the archaeological site of Ancient Walls of Jesolo and to 21 hours in the room Council of the municipality of Jesolo held a conference on the topic titled "Jesolo in time - Prospects and purpose of a new archaeological project" with prof. Sauro Gelichi of the Department of Humanities - University Ca 'Foscari.
      The project Archaeological Park of the Upper Adriatic - PArSJAd, funded by the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013, has the overall objective of enhancing the archaeological heritage of the coastal area of the Northern Adriatic, from the coast of Emilia that Slovenia, with a unified and cross-border, taking the cultural planning as an instrument of government for public intervention in favor of the attractiveness and competitiveness of the territory involved.
  • Walking to the sea in 2014
    Walks begin Friday, October 3, 2014 until Friday, 29 May 2015 The initiative is open to members of the Day Centre S. Pertini and is held on Monday and Friday from 15 to 16 gathering in front of the Hotel Almar.
  • Jesolo Oktober Fest at My Beach
    At the Restaurant Pizzeria My Beach within the plant Orobeach for three weekends of October from Friday 10th takes place the first edition of Jesolo Bavarian Oktober Fest.
    The party is open to all .. young people, families of Jesolo and neighboring countries.

    Bavarian beer directly from Monaco for the occasion and soft drinks for the children accompany lamb shanks, sausages, chops, sausages and grilled pork.
    All will be accompanied by live music and DJs.

    for more information
    cell. 3929616791
  • Real Bodies
    In a world premiere at tropicarium Park in Jesolo new exhibition on the human body, suitable for all the family to understand how we are made inside our bodies. The exhibition will be inaugurated on December 26 in front of the Pala Arrex.
    Alessandro Cecchi Paone will be the ambassador for the largest exhibition of plastinated bodies and organs ever assembled in the world that will shine in Jesolo even in winter.
    On October 15, 2014 will be presented on the website for all the information opening, advance tickets, details and general information:
  • Jesolo Sand Nativity 2014
    Jesolo Sand Nativity arrives at the 13th edition which will be inaugurated Saturday, December 6, 2014 .
    The sand nativity sculpted by the best artists of the world will be exhibited in Piazza Marconi from 7 December 2014.
    The exhibition is enriched every year by a sculpture dedicated to the bearers of peace. This year will see this important section represented Don Giovanni Bosco (1815-1888) in the year of the bicentenary of his birth. In the course of Sand Nativity will be presented with episodes from the life of the saint. Effective will be the participation of the Salesian world at this year's nativity scene celebrating the anniversary of their founder .

    Opening: Saturday, December 6, 2014 at 15
    Open from Sunday, December 7, 2014 to Sunday, February 1, 2015
    Monday to Saturday 9.30 / 12:30 to 14:30 / 19:30
    Sundays and holidays lunch break 9.30 / 21

    Free admission
  • Chestnut festival 2014
    The Chestnut Festival 2014 expects large and small in Piazza Mazzini with tasting of hot chestnuts , flea market items hand made by hobbyists from the eastern Veneto region and surrounding areas and refreshment kiosk with hot pancakes .
    Numerous entertainment .. a band of young local offers great successes of the music of yesterday and today. Performances of modern and classical dance , group dance with deejay, show soap bubbles and fire, rides for children and adults.
    L ' charity Parents SMA - spinal muscular atrophy, will raise funds for research.
    On Sunday the Civil Protection will present the new medium supplied.
    In case of bad weather the event will take place on Saturday 8 and Sunday, November 9, 2014 .
    The initiative is promoted by the Mazzini - Aurora under the patronage of the Municipality of Jesolo and the collaboration of the Pro Loco di Jesolo

    Reductions for the rides
    for more information
    Riccardo - 349 1089000
  • Bibliobimbi Reading for children
    Bibliobimbi, reading for children at the Biblioteca Civica di Jesolo with "The House of the monsters".
    At 17.00 for children 6-7 years old, at 18.00 for children 8-10 years old.
  • Live "Lambrusco Rock"
    Tribute to LIGABUE with the live of " Lambrusco Rock" October 24th at the brewery Adiamo.
  • Moon On Monday tribute to Duran Duran
    At Restaurant Adiamo for Live 's Saturday, Oct. 25 tribute to Duran Duran with the Moon on Monday .
  • 72h with the sleeves up
    From October 30 to November 2, 2014 the project takes place in about 72 hours with sleeves, an initiative to bring young people to the area.
  • Conference on the First World War
    On October 30, will begin a series of conferences dedicated to the celebration of the First World War that will be held in the public library of Jesolo.
    The first meeting to be held at 18.00 will focus on "The American propaganda on the Italian front."
    The realization of the exhibition was made possible thanks to the participation of research institutes such as the ISTRESCO of Treviso, CEDOS of San Polo di Piave, the Cinematheque of Friuli, writers and journalists who are experts in this particular moment in our history.

    During the last meeting, scheduled for November 26 will be projected images of conflict annotated by the local historian Joseph Artesi.

    For more information visit:
  • Halloween with Dj set
    For halloween a new Menu Event at Only Fish with DJ set.
  • Terror at Merville for the night of Halloween
    At the Park Pineta appointment at 20:45 with the Merville Terror # 3
    " Living Dead " Tales of author for Halloween night
  • Subsonica Live - Jesolo
    Samuel, Max Casacci, Boost, Ninja and Vicio have rekindled engines with a common desire to run a little 'sub vibes and get back on stage.
    A new project for the band that has always managed to experiment involving an audience in constant growth. In their music electronic, dub, dance and rock are mixed together in a unique and original which is the SOUND of SUBSONICA, powerful, recognizable and inimitable.
    The new album, the band assures, stirs the desire to live. The 2014 tour of SUBSONICA start from October 31 to Jesolo Jesolo and will tour until December in the main sports hall.
  • Opening theater season Towards New Seasons 2014-2015
    On November 14, will open the new theater season TO NEW SEASONS 2014-2015.

    Subscriptions at the City Library of Jesolo from Monday to Friday 9.00 - 13.00 on Tuesday and Thursday 15:00 to 17:30 and in the following periods:
    - RENEWALS for October 13 to 21
    - CHANGES for October 22 to 24
    - For NEW from October 27 to November 7
  • Eva Contro Eva - Verso Nuove Stagioni
    The theatrical exhibition Towards New Seasons 2014-2015 opens with a comedy of great quality and intelligence and at the same time refined and sharp story about the world of theater as a representation of reality.
    A small and fierce community that is a mirror of society , with its pettiness , its obsessions , the desire to get to obtain a social position recognized and respected
    Comedy by Mary Orr, the Italian version of the Panics Maurizio and Marzia G. Lea Pacella with Pamela Villoresi , Romina Mondello, Luigi Diberti . Directed by Maurizio Panics .
    The curtain rises at Teatro Vivaldi Friday, November 14, 2014 .
  • Nessi - Verso Nuove Stagioni
    Connections, or wireless connections, but also tense and drawn, plots and networks, woven and braided to connect with the rest of the planet. Or rather the universe. Because this is the core of life and bustle of the Bolognese artist 's latest creation: the absolute necessity and contemporary lifestyle connected with other lives, other horizons, other experiences, and not necessarily only human so that we can afford over the routes ' I ended up expanding into a "we" truly universal.
    Directed by Alexander Berger and Richard Ridolfi
    Reduction for Youth Theatre
  • Theater show with Massimo Ghini and Elena Santarelli "Quando la moglie è in vacanza"
    At Teatro Vivaldi Saturday, December 13 staged one of the best American comedies "When the Seven Year Itch " with Massimo Ghini and Elena Santarelli, directed by Alessandro D' Alatri , original music of Renato Zero.
    In the original "The 7 years itch " (the " itch" of the seventh year ) is an opportunity to appreciate a text brilliant , intelligent, current and funny. It's a comedy about the foibles of the average man and erotic at the same time a ferocious satire against the respectability of some "middle class" , which seems to have no periods. Acted as a detonator the irrepressible physicality of the girl who, like a hurricane , comes into the mundane life of a male unresolved.
  • "Prisoner of the Second Road" with Maurizio Casagrande and Tosca D'Aquino
    "Prisoner of Second Road", a play of great interest that relates to a couple attacked by the economic crisis. On a warm summer evening Mel can not sleep , disturbed by the extreme heat (outside ), the great cold due to broken air conditioner (inside ) as well as from neighboring noisy and angry neighbors . With him the affectionate wife, Edna tries to calm him , not knowing that the Mel 's hiding that he was fired . In the end, between the unexpected and the difficulties to be faced, the two will realize how much their love is stronger than lack of money, labor and water.
    Scenes Alessandro Chiti, music by Alessandro Force
    Adapted and directed by John Anfuso
  • Giro d'Italia 2015
    On May 21, 2015 in Jesolo will be the arrival of the twelfth stage of the Tour of Italy in 2015.

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